Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists, was founded in 1982 in Los Angeles, California. The firm was established to address the most critical challenge of our time:  Creating beautiful and enduring buildings, neighborhoods and districts and, through them, reinvigorating civic life by restoring the urban cores of our towns and cities and providing an alternative to suburban sprawl.

The firm has an international reputation for design innovation and a strong track record demonstrated in over 300 completed projects. The work of Moule & Polyzoides has been published worldwide, showcased in various museum and university exhibitions, and has received numerous awards for excellence. We are accomplished in producing beautiful and appropriate individual buildings as well as master plans for districts, neighborhoods, towns and cities.  Our work at all scales is set within ambitious ecological design frameworks.  Human scale, open space, landscape, transportation, utility infrastructure and building issues are all carefully integrated into our projects.  We are experts in the design of various particular building and place types and have produced significant theoretical and practical advances in the areas of urbanism and housing.

Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides were two of the six founders of the New Urbanist movement in 1990.  For the last twenty five years, we have led the reclamation of Southern California’s historic walkable neighborhoods and city centers.  We have pioneered the process of suburban retrofit and greenfield town planning. We have designed some of the most iconic transit-oriented development and mixed-use projects in the United States.  We have achieved this extensive, distinguished body of work with a small and dedicated staff, with a focus on the principles of the CNU and with an emphasis on loyalty to and engagement with the needs and visions of diverse communities throughout our State. We have carried out more than 100 charrettes, private and public, and have completed almost twenty adopted Specific Plans and form- based codes at various scales of magnitude, from a few city blocks to over 7,000 acres.

We are national experts in town center design, in a walkable, mixed-use and building mode, and have completed at least a half-dozen retrofit projects of this kind. Our track record in this area has been rewarded with a faculty position at the annual Harvard School of Design Executive course on Retail Development.

At the center of our practice is a total commitment to quality, integrity, efficiency and accountability, along with strict adherence to budgets and schedules and, ultimately, a superior service.

Moule & Polyzoides is a Women’s Business Enterprise and a California Corporation, with its principals being Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides. The firm has been engaged in architecture and urban design since its inception and became a corporation in 1990. The firm has twelve members, with architects registered in California along with NCARB national licensing reciprocity.