• In a video address to the Board of Directors of our Provence Midtown client in Zhengzhou, China, Stefanos Polyzoides discusses the principles of the New Urbanism and how they are specifically applied to the project.

  • The charrette is a method of planning, which we have adopted and developed to support our traditional planning practice.


  • Santa Clara, Republic of Panama: A new town center located on the Carretera Panamericana in Santa Clara comprising retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, office space, boutique hotel and 50 units of housing.

  • Zhengzhou, Republic of China: Provence Midtown is a mile-square new town located between the cities of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in central China along a regional highway.

  • Fresno, California: This new plan addresses the long-term challenges of Fresno’s 7,200-acre core area, including the Fulton Corridor, the historic Fulton Mall and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Los Angeles, California: Leveraging recent public investment in four new Gold Line stations, this new Plan will enhance the public realm through a variety of innovative design, landscape, transportation, economic and preservation strategies.

  • Fruitville, Florida: A coordinated strategy for ecologically responsible development of 346 acres in Sarasota County, the Fruitville Plan lays the armature for the creation of walkable Neighborhoods and Districts while preserving existing wetlands.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: A transformation of Los Poblanos and La Quinta into a country inn and sustainable farm solved the complex preservation and development pressures that faced the historic property.

  • Paso Robles, California: The Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan provides a vision for a 1,000-acre, 245-block planning area, merging rich historic traditions with contemporary needs.

  • Santa Ana, California: Santa Ana’s historic center is being transformed, rectifying the urban renewal-based practices of the past 40 years and leveraging the area’s historic and cultural character to attract new investment and reaffirm the City's identity.

  • Downey, California: The redevelopment of Downey Studios creates a true Town Center on an historic 80-acre property in Downey, California.

  • Cotati, California: The faded downtown of Cotati, a Sonoma County city with a rich local history, has been revitalized with a charrette-led Specific Plan and Form-Based Code that articulates historically sensitive restoration and new development.

  • Fisherville, Tennessee: Located at the interchange of an important cross-town road and a new expressway loop in a rapidly developing area near Memphis, the project’s primary objective was to develop a new town rather than suburban sprawl.

  • San Antonio, Texas: A form-based Code with a detailed implementation strategy provides the framework for transforming an under-performing area immediately north of downtown San Antonio into a lively pedestrian-oriented district.

  • Whittier, California: The Uptown Whittier Specific Plan updates the City’s 220-acre, 33-block historic retail core, preserving and drawing inspiration from the unique character and architectural styles of the area’s many historic buildings.

  • City of Sunland Park, New Mexico: One of the largest cross-border regions of the greater El Paso/Ciudad Juarez metropolitan area, Sunland Park sits at the crossroads of the United States-Mexico border and at the juncture of three states: New Mexico, Texas and Chihuahua.

  • Placentia, California: This 110-acre Transit-Oriented District restores Placita Santa Fe, Placentia’s original town, and creates two new Neighborhoods on derelict industrial land.

  • Biloxi, Mississippi: After the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Moule & Polyzoides was invited to participate in a national charrette to provide emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi.

  • Santa Clarita, California: An historic Southern California community located in the 250-square mile Santa Clarita Valley, Newhall has been gradually surrounded by suburban development over the past 50 years.

  • Yorba Linda, California: The Downtown Development Plan will guide the revitalization of Yorba Linda's traditional core with a multi-faceted program that addresses retail, housing and civic issues.

  • Oakland, California: This ten-acre mixed-use Transit-Oriented Development located near Downtown Oakland will revitalize a blighted and fractured community surrounding one of Oakland’s seven BART stations.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Aldea de Santa Fe is a New Urbanist town that features the first public plaza constructed in New Mexico in more than a century.