New Initiatives: Expanding to the Midwest


South Bend, Indiana

Moule & Polyzoides is pleased to announce our expansion into the Midwest.

Our firm has had a longstanding commitment to the strong bonds between academia and practice, starting with Stefanos’s Professorship at USC and Liz’s Guest Professor appointments—most recently at Yale University. Following the best architecture schools’ tradition of naming a fully practicing architect to lead them, the University of Notre Dame has named Stefanos to be the Francis and Kathleen Rooney Professor and Dean of its distinguished School of Architecture.

We remain headquartered in Pasadena with both partners and principals serving our clients in California, throughout the United States, and abroad. We are currently engaged in the design of ever more significant architecture and urbanism projects. Some highly visible buildings are being completed in the upcoming weeks: The De Mandel Aquatic Center at Occidental College in Los Angeles, the Marina at Buenaventura in Panama, and the Commodore Perry Auberge Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Stefanos’s vision for the school is to safeguard its pedagogical excellence and to strengthen it by focusing on its application to urban and environmental issues. We are excited about the potential synergies among Notre Dame’s Architecture, Urban Design, and allied University programs in Real Estate, Law, Business, and the Social Sciences that may enable our firm’s innovative work, particularly as it relates to urban revitalization, climate change response, housing diversity, institutional design, and the art of making beautiful places. At the same time, alliances with Notre Dame’s pre-eminent faculty, students, and programs will extend the firm’s capabilities in these areas of our expertise.

Expanding the reach of our work, we look forward to new initiatives strengthening the institutions and communities of the Midwest, Lake Belt, and beyond with new operations in South Bend, Indiana.