Paso Robles Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan & Form-Based Code Approved


Farmer’s Alliance Building, Paso Robles Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan, Paso Robles, California

In early May, the Paso Robles City Council unanimously approved the Moule & Polyzoides Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan & Form-Based Code for their 120-year-old city.

Situated midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles is in the heart of Central California’s wine country which is fast becoming one of the most admired appellations in California.

“This is a most auspicious event for Paso Robles,” Paso Robles City Planner Ed Gallagher said to us after the vote. “We are ever so grateful for your professionalism, expert guidance and sage advice.”

The Plan was developed to provide a vision for the 1,000-acre, 245-block planning area that revitalizes and expands the historic downtown by introducing infill buildings; preserving historic fabric; establishing a pedestrian-friendly street network; rethinking traffic circulation, public transit, and parking; and developing a range of sustainable site and building strategies.

Moule & Polyzoides led a distinguished team of consultants, including Opticos Design, Fong Hart Schneider, Poole Design, Impact Sciences, Sherwood Design Engineers, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Strategic Economics, M. Goodwin Associates, and Historic Resources Group.