Premio Rafael Manzano Martos de Arquitectura Clásica y Restauración de Monumentos


From left to right, International Seminar on Architecture in the Age of Austerity speakers: Leon Krier, Alejandro Garcia, Pedro Godoy, Maria Sanchez, Ricardo Aristomena, Frank Martinez, Jose Cornelio da Silva, Leopoldo Hill-Cornet, Lucien Steil, Samir Younes, Stefanos Polyzoides, Selena Anders, Carol Wyant

Stefanos traveled to Madrid for the Prix Rafael Manzano Martos and the International Seminar on Architecture in the Age of Austerity, joining leading thinkers and practitioners from around the globe to examine the role of traditional architecture and urbanism in the contemporary world. Stefanos served on the jury for the award and spoke at the seminar about the unique role of the street and the block in the urban landscape.

"Since the beginning of urbanism as a conscious community practice, the street and the block have been the bridge between the architecture of individual projects, and the form of the city and nature as a whole. Through regulation by lot, blocks have been used to guarantee individual rights to property and to deliver both single projects and a humanly scaled urban fabric. Together with a rich array of streets, they have generated a shared urban public realm that is the place signature of every human settlement. 20th century attempts to recast urbanism in modern form, by enlarging streets and blocks, have produced car- and building- dominated subdivisions of inferior character: A suburbia and slaburbia of impoverished form, social definition and economic performance. A return to typology- based housing and street design and codes, can restore the practice of an urbanism in balance between public and private interests, engaging both individual choice and community well being."
Stefanos Polyzoides, "Reclaiming Urbanism thorugh the Street and the Block"

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