Stefanos Polyzoides Serves on Hammer Museum Panel


Los Angeles in the mid-19th century

Stefanos Polyzoides recently served as a panelist at the Hammer Museum in a discussion about Sustainability and Urbanism in Southern California, “Reinventing Los Angeles: Easing Sprawl, Growth, and Gridlock.” Sharing the stage with journalist Ian Masters, moderator, and Kenneth Small, professor emeritus of economics at UC Irvine, Mr. Polyzoides stressed the importance of understanding how the Los Angeles region developed in order to meet its current challenges. Outlining a vision of a denser, more walkable Los Angeles with Transit-Oriented and Mixed-Use Development replacing freeways and sprawl, Mr. Polyzoides also focused on the importance of creating Form-Based Codes based on Neighborhood-driven urban systems that will encourage us to live locally, ending our reliance upon automobiles.

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