Architecture Projects

  • St. Andrew Community Facilities Project

    Pasadena, California: A new 25,000-square-foot facility, which includes a gym, chapel, meeting rooms and offices, responds to the church’s original 1927 structure, modelled after Rome’s Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The project generates an identifiable campus for St. Andrew with a physical and symbolic presence that connects it to the adjacent city.

  • Occidental College Pool Complex & Tennis Center

    Los Angeles, California: A new pool and tennis complex, which provides recreational facilities and brings the College’s facilities up to NCAA competition standards while complementing the school’s foundation architecture, designed by Myron Hunt.

  • Hotel Plaza La Reina

    Westwood, California: Located in historic Westwood Village and currently under construction, Plaza la Reina is a 44-room residential hotel above retail surrounding a public courtyard.

  • Playhouse Plaza

    Pasadena, California: A 155,000-square-foot mixed-use development located on a 58,000-square-foot site in Pasadena’s historic Playhouse District, organized around a series of courtyards and paseos.

  • New College of Florida Academic Center Building

    Sarasota, Florida: Located at the entrance to the campus, this LEED Gold-rated office and classroom building is among the most prominent structures at the College. It is also the first of a series of buildings to form its main quadrangle.

  • Fair Oaks Court

    Pasadena, California: Fair Oaks Court is an affordable housing project that combines classic bungalow style with the typology of courtyard housing in one of Pasadena’s older pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods.

  • Del Mar Station Transit Village

    Pasadena, California: Del Mar Station is a Transit-Oriented Development surrounding a prominent Metro Rail stop on the Gold Line, which connects Los Angeles and Pasadena.

  • Vista del Arroyo Bungalows

    Pasadena, California: The restoration of the Vista del Arroyo Bungalows has transformed one of Pasadena’s most historic yet most neglected places into luxury housing on a dramatic location adjacent to the iconic Colorado Street Bridge.

  • Granada Court

    Pasadena, California: Granada Court brings courtyard housing to the Playhouse District with 31 luxury apartments over a 50-car subterranean parking garage.

  • A Patio House in Los Angeles

    Beverly Hills, California: This 8,000-square-foot single-family home, conceived with simplicity of form and materials, recalls the tradition of architectural elegance associated with Southern California homes of the 1920s.

  • Mission Meridian Village

    South Pasadena, California: A transit-oriented development adjacent to a light rail station, Mission Meridian provides 67 condominiums and 5,000 square feet of retail space for those interested in commuting by train.

  • Robert Redford Building for NRDC

    Santa Monica, California: Among the greenest buildings in the world, the LEED-Platinum Robert Redford Building for the NRDC houses the organization's west coast headquarters.

  • Harper Court: Seven Fountains

    West Hollywood, California: Harper Court revives the courtyard type in Los Angeles, with twenty units organized around four courtyards that feature fountains, exterior fireplaces and rich landscaping throughout.

  • La Peer Hotel & Private Residences

    West Hollywood, California: Situated in the City's heart, the La Peer is a 63,000-square-foot mixed-use project that seamlessly blends a 70-room hotel, several penthouse residences, a restaurant and high-end retail.

  • Nativa Neighborhood

    Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A 950-acre neighborhood that abuts a sloping forest on the decommissioned Howard Air Base which has been carefully designed in response to Panama's tropical climate.

  • Los Patios de Cordova

    Pasadena, California: A 21-unit multi-family residential project designed per the City of Gardens Standards that revive the traditional courtyard housing type of Southern California.

  • Scripps College New Hall

    Claremont, California: This 130-bed residence hall is located on a narrow site along the northern edge of the campus overlooking the college’s athletic field.

  • West Wilshire

    Santa Monica, California: West Wilshire is a three-story, mixed-use, 30-unit courtyard housing project located on a one-acre site on the south side of Wilshire Boulevard between 23rd and 24th Streets.

  • Quincy Place

    Seaside, Florida: Located on a narrow mixed-use commercial site, this project provides 27 residential units, 1300 square feet of commercial space, a 300-square-foot community room and 31 subterranean parking spaces.

  • Pacifico Court

    Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A modest 40-unit project designed as a traditional court that responds to the tropical climate of Panama with passive cooling, protection from the sun and rain and appropriate materials incorporated into the design.

  • Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm

    Albuquerque, New Mexico: A transformation of Los Poblanos and La Quinta into a country inn and sustainable farm solved the complex preservation and development pressures that faced the historic property.

  • Pasadena Conservatory of Music

    Pasadena, California: The restoration of a 17,000-square-foot Italian Revival courtyard structure in Pasadena converts the 1929 building into a music school with recital halls, updated classrooms, studios, administrative offices and new performance spaces.

  • Rembe Residence

    Designed as part of Los Poblanos Inn in Albuquerque, the Rembe House is in the straightforward, poetic style of Rio Grande farmhouses, featuring simple exterior materials and a modest plan which contrast with rich and spacious interiors.

  • Nobili Hall & Adobe Lodge, Santa Clara University

    Santa Clara, California: An updated plan for Adobe Lodge and Nobili Hall, located in the University’s oldest buildings, renews and preserves the character of the campus’s most important historic precinct while accommodating modern needs.

  • Hunters Point

    San Francisco, California: Located on the former home of Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Park, this project's two blocks of urban infill are coordinated with a larger Master Plan that creates a new residential community.

  • Renovation of a Private Residence in Rolling Hills

    Rolling Hills, California: This renovation and addition to a 7,600-square-foot mid-1970s house draws inspiration from the floating homes of Southeast Asia and features a series of dramatic water features.

  • Silver Spur Court

    Rolling Hills Estates, California: This 18-unit mixed-use project is among the first developments designed following the implementation of the Moule & Polyzoides Deep Valley Master Plan Guidelines.

  • The Arabian Canal Neighborhoods

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This 77-acre, 400-unit Neighborhood, part of the 20-square-mile Arabian Canal city in Dubai, was conceived in response to a need for housing for foreign workers.

  • Lancaster Art Museum

    Lancaster, California: The City's downtown redevelopment and strategies to bring more pedestrian activity to the main street prompted the relocation of the Lancaster Art Museum to an existing 1950s building in the City’s downtown.

  • Mount Wilson Observatory Visitors’ Center

    Los Angeles, California: Located high in the spectacular Angeles Crest National Forest, this new Visitors' Center includes a museum, an outdoor stargazing amphitheater and a residential inn for the historic Mount Wilson Observatory campus.

  • Dunstan Way

    Brentwood, California: A 49-unit housing project on a one-acre site, Dunstan Way is a Mediterranean-style complex organized around two major internal court­yards, providing both private and public outdoor space to residents.

  • Scripps College Sallie Tiernan Field House

    Claremont, California: The new 30,000-square-foot field house, completed in the fall of 2008, was designed for recreational and social use by Scripps students and faculty.

  • 6630 Sunset Boulevard

    Hollywood, California: Located in the heart of old Hollywood near Sunset and Vine, 6630 Sunset Boulevard draws upon the Art Deco tradition of Hollywood’s boom in the 1920s and 1930s with a contemporary interpretation of that style.

  • Beach Motors

    Ventura, California: This nearly two-acre Mixed-Use Development is situated on the eastern edge of downtown in a revitalizing District.

  • Ventura Meta

    Ventura, California: Situated near the historic San Buenaventura Mission, this project reintroduces the courtyard housing typology of Southern California’s past with 41 units over a 50-car subterranean parking garage.

  • 331 Wadsworth

    Pismo Beach, California: Located within walking distance of the beach, 331 Wadsworth is an infill project that provides mixed-use and for-sale urban housing with cottage-style residential buildings and Spanish- and maritime-style commercial structures

  • Pico & Flower

    Los Angeles, California: A 450,000-square-foot mixed-use building sited directly across from a major downtown Metro station, Pico & Flower is an 18-story Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development on 1.13 acres.

  • San Simeon Inn

    San Simeon, California: The preservation of San Simeon Village entails transforming the 23-acre site into an inn based on the interpretation of the plan first drawn by Julia Morgan in the 1920s.

  • Sunset Hotel & Residences

    West Hollywood, California: The Sunset Hotel & Residences draw inspiration from the rich Southern California courtyard tradition, providing 20 condominium units and 60 hotel rooms.

  • The Cordoba

    Santa Ana, California: Located north of downtown on a one-acre site, this mixed-use project consists of 45 units of housing configured around four unique courtyards that vary in orientation, size and massing.

  • Ladera Court

    Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico: Moule & Polyzoides guided the site planning, development of housing types and design of the Community Center for this affordable housing development located on a hillside overlooking Ruidoso Downs in southeast New Mexico.

  • UCLA SW Campus Graduate Student Housing Master Plan

    Los Angeles, California: This fifteen-acre heavily sloped site is located at Veteran and Weyburn southwest of the main UCLA campus and facing Los Angeles National Cemetery.

  • 42 North Chestnut

    Ventura, California: Located on a sloping site with beautiful ocean views in Ventura's pedestrian-oriented downtown, 42 North Chestnut is a mixed-use and Adaptive Reuse project with 51 condominium units on a nearly two-acre site.

  • Duarte Courts

    Duarte, California: Five attached and 24 detached cottages are organized in various configurations around two linear garden courts connected with paseos and walkways on a richly landscaped 2.5-acre site.

  • Neff Ruppel Offices

    Pasadena, California: Moule & Polyzoides completed the rehabilitation of the Neff Ruppel offices in 1998 and has made the building its professional home ever since.

  • Azusa Station

    Azusa, California: A component of Azusa’s new General Plan and Development Code, Azusa Station established the new Gold Line light rail station as the northern anchor to the City’s downtown.

  • National Farm Workers Service Center, Inc.

    Shafter, California: Located on a twenty-acre parcel of land on the edge of an agricultural town in Central California, this affordable housing community of 81 homes accommodates farm laborers and their families.

  • Atlantic Avenue Housing Development

    Long Beach, California: Located on two city blocks in a residential Neighborhood, this project transforms the area into a memorable Village Center with the addition of 53 affordable rental units and the implementation of traffic-calming measures and landscape improvements.

  • Polytechnic School Swimming Pool Facility

    Pasadena, California: The Polytechnic School’s new 14,578-square-foot swimming pool facility hosts an active aquatic program for the most prominent private school in the western United States, with swimming, diving, water polo and other competitive sports as well as recreational swimming.

  • Civano New Town Neighborhood Center

    Tucson, Arizona: The 25,000-square-foot Neighborhood Center for the new town of Civano incorporates covered patios, shaded courtyards, deeply recessed openings, rammed-earth and adobe walls, wind towers and other passive cooling techniques.

  • Village Green Management Office

    Los Angeles, California: The original aesthetic of the administration and reception room at Village Green was restored, uncovering a mural by noted Los Angeles artist Rico Lebrun, rehabilitating the building fabric and transforming the space into a community room.

  • The Huntington Gallery

    Pasadena, California: This 1908 structure designed by Myron Hunt was renovated, elevating its exhibition spaces to the highest level of performance while carefully maintaining historic architectural character.

  • Civano New Town: Patio Homes

    Tucson, Arizona: A component of one of the first New Urbanist projects to integrate traditional planning principles with an advanced environmental protocol, the Civano New Town Patio Homes incorporate a variety of passive sustainable design and construction principles.

  • Meridian Court

    Pasadena, California: Meridian Court, situated on a small infill site in a mixed-use Neighborhood, is within walking distance of two Gold Line transit stations and the major commercial centers of Pasadena.

  • Beach Park & Community Center at the Marion Davies Estate

    Santa Monica, California: Badly damaged by the Northridge earthquake, this 1920s beach front estate designed by Julia Morgan has been restored and transformed into a community center with a restaurant, public gathering places and an interpretive center.

  • Gartz Court

    Pasadena, California: The restoration and expansion of historic Gartz Court included moving the structures almost three miles from their original location and adding garages and backyards to transform the original bungalow apartments into full-fledged houses.

  • St Vibiana Cathedral

    Los Angeles, California: Decommissioned in 1994, this plan for an historic Roman Catholic Cathedral preserves the building and transforms it into a Museum of Latino Culture.

  • University of Arizona Colonia de la Paz Residence Halls

    Tucson, Arizona: Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall was the first building to be designed implementing the Highland District Master Plan designed by Moule & Polyzoides.

  • Magnolia Court

    Monrovia, California: Located on a typical Southern California suburban arterial road, Magnolia Court provides sixteen units of affordable housing in a courtyard setting.

  • Scripps College Balch Hall Renovation

    Claremont, California: The restoration of Balch Hall revitalizes this 1929 building, including its large performance hall and accompanying gardens.

  • Fine Residence

    Located on 125 acres and hour away from Manhattan, this six-bedroom, 20,000-square-foot house designed for elegant country living is surprisingly intimate, with great design attention given to outdoor extensions and to the highly detailed interiors.

  • Pomona College Harwood-Lyon Court

    Claremont, California: Lyon Court is an addition to Harwood Court, a historic dormitory built in the 1920s just south of Pomona College’s main quadrangle.

Urbanism Projects

  • Northgate Mall Redevelopment

    El Paso, Texas: The Northgate Mall Redevelopment is a complex mix of 300,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, entertainment, office space and 450 units of housing, located on the 31-acre site of a failed mall located in the suburbs of El Paso

  • Mission Street Specific Plan

    This Plan creates a long-term vision for the historic downtown area of South Pasadena, focusing on two streets, Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue, and the existing Gold Line light rail station.

  • The University Village

    Redlands, California: The University Village at the University of Redlands is a town-gown project centered on the terminus station of the soon-to-be-built San Bernardino to Redlands Arrow train line.

  • North Montclair Transit Village Specific Plan

    Montclair, California: The North Montclair Transit Village Specific Plan mitigates the City’s sprawl by establishing a framework and development strategy for a pedestrian-oriented retail and residential District surrounding the city’s regional transit center.

  • 710 Reclaim

    In 1964 the State of California seized a large swath of Pasadena’s land, demolishing thousands of people’s property in order to extend the 710 Freeway north, but a citizen-led movement stalled the project, leaving a freeway stub that interrupts the street grid and neighborhoods. The 710 Reclaim, a community-based initiative, proposes to rebuild the urban fabric destroyed over 50 years ago.

  • Cobb Ranch Traditional Neighborhood Development

    Georgetown, Texas: A new TND located north of Austin, Texas in the outskirts of Georgetown, Cobb Ranch is designed as an ensemble of three neighborhoods, two hamlets and a commercial district, all carefully placed to conserve the existing native vegetation, karst features and salamander habitats.

  • Coral Bay Resort

    Cocuye, Republic of Panama: Envisioned as a world class tropical resort and an exemplar of sustainable urbanism, Coral Bay Resort is located on a spectacular coral-laden natural sea cove near the islands of San Blas in northern Panama.

  • Riverwalk Town Center

    Santa Clara, Republic of Panama: A new town center located on the Carretera Panamericana in Santa Clara comprising retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, office space, boutique hotel and 50 units of housing.

  • Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Campus

    Nairobi, Kenya: The fourteen-acre Al Jamea tus Saifiyah campus is one of three worldwide campuses of the Islamic Daudi Bohra sect. The master plan is conceived as an intricate sequence of quads and courts, all open to the sky and embodying sacred Bohra tenets through specific landscape elements.

  • Aldea de El Paso

    El Paso, Texas: This 200-acre Master Plan, located just south of the Montecillo Neighborhood on a heavily sloping site in the center of the city, is the second development to emerge from the City of El Paso’s recently adopted Smart Code.

  • Lancaster Boulevard Transformation

    Lancaster, California: The redesign of Lancaster Boulevard focuses on establishing a lively public realm with reconfigured streets, plazas, paseos and other public spaces to remedy the loss of the City’s traditional downtown character.

  • Scripps College Master Plan

    Claremont, California: The Master Plan for Scripps College, an historic campus listed on the National Register of Historic Places, outlines a series of carefully crafted interventions that preserve the human scale of the buildings and the lush landscape while accommodating future campus expansion.

  • The Town of Altos de Morrillo

    Veraguas, Republic of Panama: Located on a hilly site in Panama with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Altos de Morrillo fronts one of the best surfing beaches in Central America.

  • La Chorrera Town Center

    La Chorrera, Republic of Panama: La Chorrera Town Center features 600 dwelling units and 27,500 square meters of retail and office space in the suburbs of Panama City.

  • Las Tablas Town Center

    Las Tablas, Republic of Panama: This 26,000 sqm town center located at the eastern edge of the village of La Tablas is Panama's first exurban commercial development based on new urbanist principles.

  • Santa Maria Neighborhood

    Panama City, Republic of Panama: The design of the Santa Maria Neighborhood proposes the forming of a new 600-unit urbanist neighborhood within one of the islands of the golf course of the Santa Maria project.

  • Embassy Heights

    Panama City, Republic of Panama: The Embassy Heights project will be a unique place to live and upon completion will also become a national precedent for future, market-driven, neighborhood-centered development in Panama City.

  • Torio

    Veraguas, Republic of Panama: A 40-unit residential project located on a hilly forested site in Western Panama with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Nativa Neighborhood

    Panama Pacifico, Republic of Panama: A 950-acre neighborhood that abuts a sloping forest on the decommissioned Howard Air Base which has been carefully designed in response to Panama's tropical climate.

  • Alta Terra

    Panama City, Republic of Panama: A 1,500-unit residential development located atop one of the tallest and most visible hills in Panama City.

  • Provence Midtown

    Zhengzhou, Republic of China: Provence Midtown is a mile-square new town located between the cities of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in central China along a regional highway.

  • Downtown Fresno Specific Plan

    Fresno, California: This new plan addresses the long-term challenges of Fresno’s 7,200-acre core area, including the Fulton Corridor, the historic Fulton Mall and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Montecillo

    El Paso, Texas: Montecillo is 380-acre transit-oriented development located on a heavily sloping site in the center of the City, organized on a number of walkable pedestrian sheds with interconnected streets and open spaces.

  • Plaisance Aeroville

    Plaisance, Mauritius: A new 45-acre city center adjacent to the international airport in Mauritius, Plaisance Aeroville comprises two distinct places: a mid-rise retail and office campus and a low-rise mixed-use village.

  • East Los Angeles Transit-Oriented Development Specific Plan

    Los Angeles, California: Leveraging recent public investment in four new Gold Line stations, this new Plan will enhance the public realm through a variety of innovative design, landscape, transportation, economic and preservation strategies.

  • Beverly Hills Plaza & Hotel

    Beverly Hills, California: A new urban park, a 220-bed luxury hotel, a mixed-use office and retail building and 1,000 subterranean parking stalls reinvigorate the core of Beverly Hills, linking the walking streets of Cañon and Beverly Drives.

  • Fruitville Center

    Fruitville, Florida: A coordinated strategy for ecologically responsible development of 346 acres in Sarasota County, the Fruitville Plan lays the armature for the creation of walkable Neighborhoods and Districts while preserving existing wetlands.

  • Le Chaland

    Le Chaland, Mauritius: Located on 95 acres of spectacular beachfront in southeast Mauritius, Le Chaland consists of a range of housing types designed in response to local climate and social customs.

  • Paso Robles Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan

    Paso Robles, California: The Uptown/Town Centre Specific Plan provides a vision for a 1,000-acre, 245-block planning area, merging rich historic traditions with contemporary needs.

  • Kalu Yala

    Kalu Yala, Republic of Panama: A 46-acre sustainable Village located in central Panama, Kalu Yala's development is based on principles of environmental conservation and preservation.

  • Santa Ana Renaissance Specific Plan

    Santa Ana, California: Santa Ana’s historic center is being transformed, rectifying the urban renewal-based practices of the past 40 years and leveraging the area’s historic and cultural character to attract new investment and reaffirm the City's identity.

  • Downey Studios Redevelopment

    Downey, California: The redevelopment of Downey Studios creates a true Town Center on an historic 80-acre property in Downey, California.

  • Building a Better Freeport

    Freeport, New York: The Building a Better Freeport Vision Plan has become a regional and national model for revitalizing aging commercial corridors with transit-oriented development to establish economic vitality and community place-making.

  • Parklands Specific Plan

    Ventura, California: Parklands, a 67-acre Traditional Neighborhood Development in Ventura, California, is a sustainable community of 500 homes.

  • Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Situated along a marina in Abu Dhabi, this 400-room luxury hotel is composed of a variety of suites and penthouses, along with high-end retail, conference facilities, world-class restaurants, a luxury spa and a yacht club.

  • Ventura Harbor Master Plan

    Ventura, California: The new Master Plan and Form-Based Code for the 50-year-old, 330-acre Ventura Harbor District encourages new development, enhances recreation and establishes a highly sustainable infrastructure.

  • The Arabian Canal Neighborhoods

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates: This 77-acre, 400-unit Neighborhood, part of the 20-square-mile Arabian Canal city in Dubai, was conceived in response to a need for housing for foreign workers.

  • Fisherville Master Plan

    Fisherville, Tennessee: Located at the interchange of an important cross-town road and a new expressway loop in a rapidly developing area near Memphis, the project’s primary objective was to develop a new town rather than suburban sprawl.

  • River North District Master Plan

    San Antonio, Texas: A form-based Code with a detailed implementation strategy provides the framework for transforming an under-performing area immediately north of downtown San Antonio into a lively pedestrian-oriented district.

  • Hercules Town Center

    Hercules, California: Hercules Town Center, a Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Development just north of San Francisco, integrates a proposed train and ferry terminal into the City’s fabric and defines a mixed-intensity residential quarter that cascades to San Pablo Bay.

  • Downtown Cotati Specific Plan

    Cotati, California: The faded downtown of Cotati, a Sonoma County city with a rich local history, has been revitalized with a charrette-led Specific Plan and Form-Based Code that articulates historically sensitive restoration and new development.

  • City of Pasadena Design Guidelines

    Pasadena, California: Moule & Polyzoides developed Design Guidelines for the City of Pasadena that promote architectural and design excellence in the residential, retail and mixed-use development found along many of Pasadena’s principal Corridors.

  • Lago Mar

    Coronado, Panama: Located on a beachfront in central Panama, Lago Mar is a 55-acre new town on sloping terrain that offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Tehachapi General Plan Update

    Tehachapi, California: The Tehachapi form-based General Plan, based on an urban-to-rural transect, focuses on understanding how this community can succeed economically while preserving its rural small town character.

  • Porto Temenos

    Island of Anguilla, British West Indies: Designed as an old world, mixed-use seaside Village, the resort community of Porto Temenos serves as a retail, commercial and recreation center for the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

  • Palm Deira Crescent Module

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Located on a breakwater surrounding the Palm Deira, an extension to the heart of downtown Dubai, the Palm Deira Crescent Module separates the area’s private lagoons from the Persian Gulf.

  • Whittier Uptown Specific Plan

    Whittier, California: The Uptown Whittier Specific Plan updates the City’s 220-acre, 33-block historic retail core, preserving and drawing inspiration from the unique character and architectural styles of the area’s many historic buildings.

  • Community Memorial Hospital District Master Plan

    Ventura, California: The Community Memorial Hospital District Master Plan introduces a replacement hospital building into a revitalized new hospital district.

  • King City Downtown Addition & Eastern Extension Specific Plan

    King City, California: Immediately east of King City’s historic downtown lies 500 acres owned by Smith Monterey, a farming company that has owned the land since the early 1960s.

  • East Area One Specific Plan

    Santa Paula, California: The 500-acre East Area One Plan is organized into three walkable neighborhoods and a civic facilities district, preserving agricultural land in the hills.

  • New College of Florida Master Plan

    Sarasota, Florida: New College of Florida is a 140-acre residential honors college that is known for its liberal arts programs, student-directed study programs and low student-to-faculty ratio.

  • Yuzhnoye Neighborhood

    Domodedovo, Russia: A component of the Calthorpe & Associates-designed Domodedovo Master Plan, the Yuzhnoye Neighborhood is a 425-acre extension to a Moscow suburb.

  • California Street Bridge

    Ventura, California: As part of a conceptual Master Plan for a number of downtown streets, the California Street Bridge design reconnects downtown Ventura with the coastline.

  • MaxPac Square

    Somerville, Massachusetts: Located on a 5.5-acre triangular site just outside of Boston, MaxPac Square is a 199-unit Transit-Oriented Neighborhood infill that includes 25 affordable housing units.

  • Al Aqair Town Plan

    Al Aqair, Saudi Arabia: This new 600-acre town on the Arabian Bay is set among the traditional pearl farming and trading Villages of eastern Saudi Arabia.

  • Glenoaks Gardens

    Glendale, California: As part of a mature neighborhood in north Glendale, this mixed-use development incorporates courtyard spaces, retail, offices and 100 units of housing.

  • The University of Chicago Yerkes Observatory Master Plan

    Williams Bay, Wisconsin: A part of the University of Chicago, the Yerkes Observatory has supported the research of some of the world’s greatest astronomers for over a century.

  • Downtown Corridor & Border Crossing Master Plan

    City of Sunland Park, New Mexico: One of the largest cross-border regions of the greater El Paso/Ciudad Juarez metropolitan area, Sunland Park sits at the crossroads of the United States-Mexico border and at the juncture of three states: New Mexico, Texas and Chihuahua.

  • Brooks Institute of Photography, New Campus and Village at Cañada Larga

    Ventura, California: The Village at Crooked Palm is a Master Plan for a 136-acre development just north of the City of Ventura. Located along the Ventura River on the site of a decommissioned oil refinery, the site affords beautiful views of adjacent orchards and distant mountains.

  • Occidental College Master Plan

    Los Angeles, California: Occidental College, founded in 1887, is a small liberal arts institution located in a scenic hillside area of northeast Los Angeles.

  • Olsen Ranch / Beechwood Specific Plan

    Paso Robles, California: The 470-acre Olsen Ranch/Beechwood Specific Plan provides the framework for a Traditional Neighborhood Development in the City of Paso Robles, California.

  • Ventura Downtown Specific Plan

    Ventura, California: The Ventura Downtown Code is one of the first Form-Based Zoning Codes in California—the result of an extensive and detailed analysis of downtown Ventura’s existing streets, blocks, buildings, public open spaces and landscape.

  • Placentia-Westgate Master Plan

    Placentia, California: This 110-acre transit-oriented district restores Placita Santa Fe, Placentia’s original town, and creates two new Neighborhoods on derelict industrial land.

  • A Reconstruction Plan for Biloxi

    Biloxi, Mississippi: After the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, Moule & Polyzoides was invited to participate in a national charrette to provide emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi.

  • Taylor Crossing

    Idaho Falls, Idaho: Located on the banks of the Snake River close to historic downtown Idaho Falls, Taylor Crossing is a compact and walkable Traditional Neighborhood Development.

  • Southeast Area Master Plan

    Visalia, California: The Southeast Area Master Plan is located on an 850-acre greenfield at the edge of Visalia, an important agricultural center founded in 1852 in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley.

  • The Bluffs at Midtown

    Ventura, California: Individual blocks, interconnected streets, inviting open spaces and a diverse array of building types form The Bluffs at Midtown, a walkable mixed-use community located in midtown Ventura.

  • Downtown Newhall Specific Plan

    Santa Clarita, California: An historic Southern California community located in the 250-square mile Santa Clarita Valley, Newhall has been gradually surrounded by suburban development over the past 50 years.

  • Pasadena Civic Center Master Plan

    Pasadena, California: The Civic Center Master Plan provides a vision and program for revitalizing the heart of Pasadena with guidelines for open space, Architecture, landscape, transit, traffic and parking improvements.

  • Beverly Hills Golden Triangle Enhancement

    Beverly Hills, California: The character of the Golden Triangle has been strengthened by transforming the area into a park-once district, adding improved landscape and lighting, and adopting a code to guide the design of future buildings.

  • Olympic & Soto

    Los Angeles, California: This project addresses an historically important commercial center, the large and underused Sears & Roebuck warehouse and its grounds in the Boyle Heights Neighborhood.

  • Cayala Town Center

    Guatemala City, Guatemala: Cayala Town Center is one of six Neighborhoods planned for this 1,000-acre city that was master planned in 2003 by Leon Krier and Estudio Urbano.

  • Downtown Development Plan

    Yorba Linda, California: The Downtown Development Plan will guide the revitalization of Yorba Linda's traditional core with a multi-faceted program that addresses retail, housing and civic issues.

  • Azusa General Plan and Development Code

    Azusa, California: The Azusa General Plan and Development Code transforms the City of Azusa from a typical postwar suburb of production house tracts and commercial strips into a town of distinct, compact Neighborhoods that surround a vibrant downtown.

  • East Downtown Broadway Central Corridor

    Albuquerque, New Mexico: East Downtown is in the process of revitalizing its Central Avenue and Broadway corridors with light rail and a comprehensive redevelopment strategy.

  • Mercado District, Rio Nuevo

    Tucson, Arizona: The Mercado District, an important component in the restoration of the historic core of Tucson, is a fourteen-block, seven-plaza plan that will include 800 dwellings and 500,000 square feet of commercial space.

  • Culver Crossings

    Culver City, California: Adjacent to the historic Helms Bakery complex in Culver City, Culver Crossings consolidated an amorphous area into a major town center.

  • Tres Torres

    Tucson, Arizona: The market and cultural objectives of Tres Torres was to generate a superior New Urbanist Neighborhood with a form familiar yet new that would appeal to the local community in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

  • Texas Tech College Town

    Lubbock, Texas: A mixed-use town-gown district on the western edge of Texas Tech benefits both the school and the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • MacArthur / BART Transit Village

    Oakland, California: This ten-acre mixed-use transit-oriented development located near Downtown Oakland will revitalize a blighted and fractured community surrounding one of Oakland’s seven BART stations.

  • Downtown Burbank Mixed Use

    Burbank, California: This plan proposes a pedestrian-friendly, 600-unit mixed-use transit village on 11 acres of land divided by the Metrolink and the Golden State Freeway.

  • Pomona College Strategic Master Plan

    Claremont, California: The Pomona College Strategic Master Plan will guide growth and development of this historic 100-acre campus for the next 25 years.

  • Long Beach Civic Center Master Plan

    Long Beach, California: The Long Beach Civic Center/Lincoln Park Renovation resuscitates Long Beach’s civic heart by adding 40,000 square feet of new uses and restoring the pedestrian-friendly block structure of the historic city. City

  • Doña Ana Plaza

    Doña Ana, New Mexico: The plan for the reconstruction of the historic plaza of the Village of Doña Ana offers new hope for the future of this small rural community located on the Camino Real.

  • University of California Santa Barbara, North Campus Housing

    Santa Barbara, California: The UCSB North Campus Housing Plan will guide the development of 40 acres of vacant land, creating an affordable and sustainable Neighborhood of a variety of housing types for faculty and their families.

  • Alvarado Center

    Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Alvarado Center plan repairs the damages that 1960s urban renewal brought to Albuquerque’s historic center, adding retail, housing and offices and guiding the reconstruction of the Alavardo Hotel and the Santa Fe Depot.

  • Polytechnic School Master Plan

    Pasadena, California: The Polytechnic School Master Plan proposes patterns of future growth, emphasizing the definition of open space and landscape framework supported by transportation and other infrastructure improvements.

  • Los Alamos Downtown Master Plan

    Los Alamos, New Mexico: The Los Alamos Downtown Master Plan transforms an area currently dominated by parking lots and controlled by suburban zoning into a vital, pedestrian-oriented Town Center with a new main street lined by mixed-use buildings.

  • Civano New Town

    Tucson, Arizona: A model of Green Design in a desert environment, Civano New Town anticipates over 2800 households and includes strategies for conservation and preservation of native habitat on its 1,100-acre site in the Sonoran Desert.

  • Villages at Repaupo

    Logan Township, New Jersey: This 420-acre new town preserves 200 acres in a natural state while providing 3,000 units of housing, 200,000 square feet of retail and office space and civic buildings such as schools, a city hall and a fire station.

  • Stone Avenue/Speedway Boulevard Gateway Project

    Tucson, Arizona: A plan for enhancing a five-mile stretch of the Stone Avenue Corridor identifies a pivotal intersection as an urban gateway to surrounding areas and outlines a typological infill strategy to develop underused sites.

  • Downtown Santa Monica Parking Task Force

    Santa Monica, California: A strategy for retrofitting, rebuilding and adding public parking in downtown Santa Monica expands the City’s Park-Once circulation pattern and creates safe, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly streets.

  • University of California Santa Barbara, West District Plan

    Santa Barbara, California: The West District Plan will guide the redevelopment of the western half of the University of California, Santa Barbara, creating a physical framework for transforming a 100-acre area currently dominated by parking fields into a traditional campus.

  • Fuller Theological Seminary Strategic Master Plan

    Pasadena, California: Open space, landscape, parking and built form are addressed for this 28-acre, four-city-block campus, guiding both near- and long-term growth over the next 50 years.

  • Azusa Civic Center Master Plan

    Azusa, California: The Azusa Civic Center Master Plan outlines a strategy for enhancing and expanding the institutional heart of this East San Gabriel Valley city.

  • Santa Fe Foothills

    Santa Fe, New Mexico: Inspired by the form of Southwestern cordillera villages, a single pedestrian-friendly street dominates Santa Fe Foothills, with plazas surrounded by housing at each of the site’s entrances.

  • The Plaza at Aldea

    Santa Fe, New Mexico: Aldea de Santa Fe is a New Urbanist town that features the first public plaza constructed in New Mexico in more than a century.

  • Hueco New Town

    El Paso, Texas: A 2,000-home, 450-acre town near El Paso, Hueco's design was based on The Laws of the Indies grid which was used extensively by the Spanish throughout the Southwest.

  • Façade Improvement Program

    Bellflower, California: A dilapidated streetscape was revitalized with improved signage, lighting and paint, along with the removal of 1960s-era siding that revealed a beautiful art deco façade.

  • Playa Vista

    Los Angeles, California: Playa Vista restores and preserves over 300 acres of wetlands while creating walkable Districts and Neighborhoods of courtyard housing and townhouses with small parks, schools, retail and civic facilities.

  • CSUN Reconstruction Master Plan

    Northridge, California: The CSUN Reconstruction Master Plan creates an identity for an amorphous campus of randomly sited buildings that had been further compromised by the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

  • University of Arizona Highland District Master Plan

    Tucson, Arizona: The Highland District Master Plan is a medium-density campus precinct for student residential living and other mixed uses that is being developed over a twenty-year period.

  • Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan

    Los Angeles, California: The transformation of Downtown Los Angeles into a highly connected, 24-hour, living-working city is being guided by the 30-year Los Angeles Downtown Strategic Plan.