• American Bungalow magazine profiles Fair Oaks Court, a "stunning 21st-century version of a bungalow court."

  • The Los Angeles Times reports about the controversy between New Urbanist and Modernist architects stirred by the post-Hurricane Katrina charrette in Biloxi.

  • New York Times article about the national charrette that provided emergency urban design services for the reconstruction of Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

  • Pasadena Weekly article about Del Mar Station Transit Village.


  • Pasadena, California: Fair Oaks Court is an affordable housing project that combines classic bungalow style with the typology of courtyard housing in one of Pasadena’s older pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods.

  • Somerville, Massachusetts: Located on a 5.5-acre triangular site just outside of Boston, MaxPac Square is a 199-unit transit-oriented neighborhood infill that includes 25 affordable housing units.

  • Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico: Moule & Polyzoides guided the site planning, development of housing types and design of the community center for this affordable housing development located on a hillside overlooking Ruidoso Downs in southeast New Mexico.

  • Long Beach, California: Located on two city blocks in a residential neighborhood, this project transforms the area into a memorable village center with the addition of 53 affordable rental units and the implementation of traffic-calming measures and landscape improvements.

  • Shafter, California: Located on a twenty-acre parcel of land on the edge of an agricultural town in Central California, this affordable housing community of 81 homes accommodates farm laborers and their families.

  • Pasadena, California: The restoration and expansion of historic Gartz Court included moving the structures almost three miles from their original location and adding garages and backyards to transform the original bungalow apartments into full-fledged houses.

  • Monrovia, California: Located on a typical Southern California suburban arterial road, Magnolia Court provides sixteen units of affordable housing in a courtyard setting.


  • The history of public housing in our country is filled with noble intentions, as it is littered with the unintended consequences of public policy.