• Rio Nuevo, Tucson, Arizona: The Bautista is a mid-rise multi-family, mixed-use project in the new neighborhood of Rio Nuevo in Tucson, located on a streetcar line connecting it to downtown Tucson.

  • San Dimas, California: A new light rail station located at the western terminus of the City's main street provides the catalyst for a new planning vision with robust preservation strategies that will maintain the downtown's historic character.

  • South Pasadena, California: This plan creates a long-term vision for the historic downtown area of South Pasadena, focusing on two streets, Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue, and the existing Gold Line light rail station.

  • Cocuye, Republic of Panama: Envisioned as a world class tropical resort and an exemplar of sustainable urbanism, Coral Bay Resort is located on a spectacular coral-laden natural sea cove near the islands of San Blas in northern Panama.

  • Santa Clara, Republic of Panama: A new town center located on the Carretera Panamericana in Santa Clara comprising retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, office space, a boutique hotel and 50 units of housing.

  • Beverly Hills, California: A new urban park, a 220-bed luxury hotel, a mixed-use office and retail building and 1,000 subterranean parking stalls reinvigorate the core of Beverly Hills, linking the walking streets of Cañon and Beverly Drives.

  • Sarasota, Florida: Located at the entrance to the campus, this LEED Gold-rated office and classroom building is among the College's most prominent structures and the first of a series of buildings to form its main quadrangle.

  • Ventura, California: Parklands, a 67-acre traditional neighborhood development in Ventura, California, is a sustainable community of 500 homes designed around a pedestrian-friendly network of streets and blocks.

  • Idaho Falls, Idaho: Located on the banks of the Snake River close to historic downtown Idaho Falls, Taylor Crossing is a compact and walkable traditional neighborhood development.

  • Pasadena, California: The Civic Center Master Plan provides a vision and program for revitalizing the heart of Pasadena with guidelines for open space, architecture, landscape, transit, traffic and parking improvements.

  • Culver City, California: Adjacent to the historic Helms Bakery complex in Culver City, Culver Crossings consolidated an amorphous area into a major town center.

  • Doña Ana, New Mexico: The plan for the reconstruction of Doña Ana's historic plaza offers new hope for the future of this small rural community located on the Camino Real.

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: Aldea de Santa Fe is a New Urbanist town that features the first public plaza constructed in New Mexico in more than a century.


  • Princeton Alumni Weekly blog post about the publication of "The Plazas of New Mexico."

  • John Dutton, AIA, inverviews Stefanos Polyzoides for the "GRIDS" blog about the recently published book.

  • "New Mexico in Focus" host Gene Grant interviews "Plazas of New Mexico" collaborators Chris Wilson and Miguel Gandert for New Mexico PBS.

  • ABC News reports on New College of Florida’s 50th anniversary celebration and the opening of the LEED Gold-rated new Academic Center and Plaza designed by Moule & Polyzoides.

  • A CBS news report about new signs that Americans are beginning to make big changes in where they live, what they drive and how they get to work as gas prices zoom ever higher.

  • The Wall Street Journal reports about changing housing and commuting habits of Americans, focusing on Del Mar Station.

  • Del Mar Station sets an example for car-free, sustainable living writes Pasadena Magazine of the innovative mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

  • An in-depth look at green buildings designed for environmental organizations, featuring a profile of the Robert Redford Building for the NRDC.

  • Mercado Neighborhood, the Robert Redford Building for the Natural Resources Defense Council and Del Mar Station Transit Village are featured in this book of exemplary urban design.

  • New York Times article about frustration with ever worsening traffic features Del Mar Station Transit Village.

  • AirTalk's Larry Mantle discusses New Urbanism with Stefanos Polyzoides, Ventura City Manager Rick Cole and Creative Housing Associates President Michael Dieden.

  • interview with Stefanos Polyzoides that ranges from New Urbanist philosophy to the Community of Civano, Del Mar Station, desert urbanism and the architecture of place.

  • In response to the growing awareness of the effect that buildings have on the natural environment, Jeffrey Kaye of KCET-LA reports on efforts to build in a sustainable manner, focusing on the LEED-Platinum Robert Redford Building that we designed for the NRDC.

  • Pasadena Weekly article about Del Mar Station Transit Village.

  • Report from the Council on the New Urbanism, focusing on urban infill development. Features three Moule & Polyzoides projects: Del Mar Station Transit Village, Mission Meridian Village and UCLA SW Campus Graduate Student Housing. Includes two essays by Stefanos Polyzoides: "Housing Fabric as Town Form" and "The Plazas of New Mexico."


  • This landmark volume documents the urban history of the State of New Mexico, one of the most architecturally distinguished places in the United States.

  • The idea of the plaza in human history is born and developed under a number of different impulses: an expression of the power of the state to define a place for public life, through a singular, monumental architectural enclosure.



  • Director of Design Vinayak Bharne discussed Mission Meridian Village and Del Mar Station at the 2011 Urban Land Institute TOD Summit in Pasadena, California