• Hazel Park, Michigan: This project transforms two-mile corridor of John R. Road which has deteriorated due to rampant sprawl and disinvestment over the past 50 years. This study outlines an incremental planning framework that creates a new downtown for Hazel Park by guiding the beginnings of two districts with a series of public and private catalytic projects.

  • Westwood, California:A boutique hotel set above retail in historic Westwood Village, Plaza la Reina achieves stylistic variety through articulated massing and scale, harmonizing with the traditional architecture and urbanism of its surroundings.

  • Pasadena, California: A mixed-use development featuring courtyards, retail and restaurant space, Playhouse Plaza is composed of several discreet volumes which seemlessly blend into the existing built patterns of its surroundings.

  • El Paso, Texas: This 200-acre master plan, located on a heavily sloping site in the center of El Paso, is the second development to emerge from the City of El Paso’s recently adopted Smart Code.

  • Santa Monica, California: West Wilshire is a three-story, mixed-use, 30-unit courtyard housing project located on a one-acre site on the south side of Wilshire Boulevard between 23rd and 24th Streets.

  • Downey, California: The redevelopment of Downey Studios creates a true town center on an historic 80-acre property in one of Southern California's Gateway Cities, the birthplace of the Apollo space program.

  • Pasadena, California: Fair Oaks Court is an affordable housing project that combines classic bungalow style with the typology of courtyard housing in one of Pasadena’s older pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods.

  • Pasadena, California: Granada Court brings courtyard housing to the Playhouse District with 31 luxury apartments over a 50-car subterranean parking garage.

  • Ventura, California: The Ventura Downtown Code is one of the first Form-Based Zoning Codes in California—the result of an extensive and detailed analysis of downtown Ventura’s existing streets, blocks, buildings, public open spaces and landscape.

  • Santa Monica, California: Among the greenest buildings in the world, the LEED-Platinum Robert Redford Building for the NRDC houses the organization's west coast headquarters.


  • The five-story, 155,000-square-foot Playhouse Plaza office building in Pasadena has been completed and is 30% leased. Designed to LEED standards, it includes two courtyards and high-quality restaurant and retail spaces on the ground floor.

  • Partner Stefanos Polyzoides and Director of Design Vinayak Bharne participated in a colloquium presented by the Los Angeles Region Planning History Group, “The Use and Abuse of the Urban Block.”

  • The decline of the conventional suburb as the preferred place of residence, a longtime theme of New Urbanism, is focusing ever-greater interest on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), The Wall Street Journal reported this week. In a recent article, “Suburbs a Mile Too Far for Some,” Pasadena’s Del Mar Station was featured as a leading example of a successful TOD.

  • Moule & Polyzoides led a five-day charrette for the City of Downey, California



  • Introductory essay to our exhibition at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art's Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration, which argues that an Architecture of place that incrementally constructs the city and establishes a sustaining relationship with nature benefits both the economy and the culture.

  • Stefanos Polyzoides gave a keynote speech at the Re:Street Conference which explored the new science of streets and the form of the future city.

  • A casual observation of the American landscape instantly conveys the contributions of the retail trade to making urban places beautiful, prosperous and livable.