• The Missing Middle

    Stefanos’s keynote at Makeover Montgomery 3: Balancing Change in America’s Suburbs addressed how the rich array of historic American urban housing types can be used to build the kinds of distinguished urban places that our society needs in order to grow and to prosper.


  • The Art of Courtyard Design

    In a CNU 20 Art Room presentation, Stefanos discussed the valuable lessons that can be learned from the principles that underlie the design of the courtyard house.

  • Town Center Design in Yanchep New Town

    A presentation of key principles of town-center and transit-oriented design, followed by a crit on work under way in the core of Yanchep New Town.


  • Creative Office Space Design

    A presentation on the history of office space design and recent trends in the design of creative office environments.

  • Urban Transformations through Right-of-Way Design

    Stefanos delivered a lecture on the design of urban right-of–ways, drawing on a number of recent Moule & Polyzoides projects.

  • Harvard Executive Course on Retail 2014

    A series of lectures on the urban and architectural design of town centers during the annual executive course on retail organized by Robert Gibbs at Harvard University.

  • Freeways to Boulevards

    Stefanos delivered the keynote presentation at CNU 22 about the CNU-sponsored study undertaken by Moule & Polyzoides to convert Buffalo's Inner Harbor Freeway into a boulevard while transforming the surrounding 400 acres fronting Lake Erie into a series of new neighborhoods and districts.

  • The Economics of the New Urbanism

    This keynote described the economic benefits of utilizing new urbanist architectural and urbanist principles on projects at the scale of the building, the street and the block.

  • Towards a New Urban Panama

    A presentation that focused on the key principles the Charter of the New Urbanism, and their application to some of our recent neighborhood and district- scale projects in the Republic of Panama.


  • Typology as a Key Tool in Neighborhood Reconstruction

    Stefanos explored the great urban fabric of Los Angeles in a presentation at the Southern California Traditional Building Conference.

  • Stefanos Polyzoides Presents Four Lectures at Harvard GSD Executive Education Program

    Stefanos presented four sessions at Robert Gibbs's acclaimed Harvard GSD Executive Education course: "Urban Retail: A Historical Survey of Its Architecture and Urbanism," "Old Town Pasadena: A Town Center and Its Constituent Parts," "Housing Design in the Context of Town Centers," and "Form Based Codes and Town Center Design."

  • The Use and Abuse of the Urban Block

    Stefanos Polyzoides and Vinayak Bharne were featured speakers and panelists at a colloquium presented by the Los Angeles Region Planning History Group that focused on the urban block.

  • Reclaiming Urbanism through the Street and the Block

    Stefanos spoke about the unique role of the street and the block in the urban landscape at the International Seminar on Architecture in the Age of Austerity in Madrid and served on the jury for the associated Prix Rafael Manzano Martos.

  • The Block & the Street: The Way Back to Urbanism

    Stefanos spoke at the International Seminar on Architecture in the Age of Austerity in Madrid last June about the unique role of the street and the block in the urban landscape.

  • The Art of Placemaking and the Future of New Urbanism

    Elizabeth Moule & Stefanos Polyzoides joined other world-renowned urban design theorists and practitioners to investigate the nexus of social life and urban form at the Stockholm One-Day Seminar & Debates on Placemaking and New Urbanism.

  • Southwestern Urbanism Anew

    Stefanos conducted a session at the CNU-A workshop for Eco El Paso, focusing on how traditional urbanism, when applied to different regions and specifically to the American Desert Southwest, can produce memorable living places in balance with nature.


  • Envisioning the Future of Downtown Pasadena

    Stefanos Polyzoides spoke to the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association about form-based codes and how such planning tools can help guide thoughtful development that will preserve and protect Pasadena's valuable historic, architectural and cultural resources.

  • What Does Density Have to Do With It?

    Director of Design Vinayak Bharne moderated a panel that addressed issues related to transit-oriented development and density, including appropriate design for TOD, fostering community support and the market realities of higher density construction costs.

  • Planning Los Angeles

    In conjunction with the publication of "Planning Los Angeles," Director of Design Vinayak Bharne and other contributors to the book participated in a colloquium at the Huntington Library that explored aspects of Los Angeles architecture and urbanism.

  • Bridging Planning & Architecture

    Director of Design Vinayak Bharne spoke about the recent work of Moule & Polyzoides as part of USC's "Future of Sustainable Cities" Urban Growth Seminar series.



  • Transit & How it Relates to Local Community Development

    Lecture and guided tour led by Director of Design Vinayak Bharne on the transit-oriented development potentials along the Metro Gold Line stations in East Los Angeles.

  • Empowering Agricultural Urbanism

    Presentation and panel discussion at CNU 18 by Director of Design Vinayak Bharne on design strategies and planning tools that integrate agriculture and urbanism.

  • Making TOD a Reality in the San Joaquin Valley

    Stefanos Polyzoides addressed a group of civic leaders and design and development professionals in Fresno at the "Making Transit-Oriented Development a Reality in the San Joaquin Valley" conference.





  • Development on Track

    Panel/tour of two Moule & Polyzoides TOD projects in the Los Angeles area by Associate Michale Bohn for the Urban Land Institute.

  • Making TOD Legal

    Associate Alan Loomis participated in panel discussion about form-based codes and transit-oriented development at Rail~Volution, Los Angeles.

  • New Public Places

    Discussion of transit and housing by Stefanos Polyzoides at American Planning Association / Los Angeles

  • Whither Pasadena?

    Presentation about the future of Pasadena at a symposium sponsored by the Office of Council Member Steve Madison, City of Pasadena, California

  • Architecture as Choice

    Lecture about noted Southern California architect Wallace Neff at the Gamble House in Pasadena